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Sex Story - Collage Couple

I am one among you, a horny Indian guy, porn addict, love women and her body, love to try everything about sex, clean and kinky thoughts.

I love every type of women in this world, thousands of fantasy with women to make love to a nurse, policewomen, ebony, skinny, chubby, tall, tiny, short, wild, fair, teacher, doctor, saleswomen etc., the list keeps on going,

From my childhood started watching porn. Finally found a girl for myself during my college girls, happiest days of life, we started sex chatting in maybe months of friendship, I need a woman and she needed a guy .we used to discuss sex every night, she had a great urge and me too.

My girl, chubby girl fair enough, milf body, great eyes and voice. She was a virgin. We had phone sex many days, loved her mourns, imagined her naked many times.

We did not share our naked pics and decided to keep that a curiosity factor. Finally, we decided to find a chance to explore our bodies. The girl said strictly no to fuck. I knew it was just for the sake and I know she is really horny pie.

We do not really have a place, I stay in a hostel and she stays with her parents. We were waiting for a chance badly. Once we decided to go to the beach and try something there, we got really nasty there slightly, from smooching to fondling her boobs, huge round balls, I really wanted to suck milk out of it.

Then once her parents were to go out of town, so we planned for that night for nearly 20 days, I was really excited. I could feel her hunger too. I asked her to plan for perfect lingerie, I too was gearing up for my first mating from slightly working out, cleaning my public and getting new boxers.

The last moment the plan flopped in a big way as her mom called off the trip, we both were totally shattered. I really wanted a female to spill my semen and fulfill my lifetime sexual hunger. Our hunger was in full form. We both started getting irritated. Finally, her birthday was at next weekend.

I called her up and told her not to worry and promised her to make here to make her birthday memorable .she asked how?

I said I will inform how on the night of her birthday.

Finally came her birthday

I called her up at 12 sharp

Myself: my sweetest darling, started kissing 50 times on the phone, wish you happiest dirtiest wildest birthday to sweetheart, plan to tomorrow dear we are bunking college tomorrow and I will pick u honey at the bus stop at morning 8, be ready, tomorrow is ours, be ready with a wicked smiley.

My darling: r u serious ram, nice for your proposal and wishes my dear boyfriend, I know you will make my birthday sweet and special with cakes and dress, but how come, wild baby!!! Not possible

I replied: wait and watch my sexy baby!

I was all set, in jeans and t-shirt and exposing boxer. I decided to fuck her at any cost today, I badly wanted to make lust with her, the whole world can’t stop me, took my bike and reached the bus stop, and there I saw my piece of cake.

My busty sweet girlfriend in white tight salwar. I saw the lust filled in her eyes too. Guess she is ready for the day too and desperate. We started of our bike ride, she was a naughty beast too, she started tempting me rubbing her boobs over my shoulders on the bike, and I enjoyed it completely. I reached the cafe. I hugged her tight and wished her happy birthday my darling, gave her a rose, with a nice pair of footwear for her birthday .our eyes were filled with more lust than love. We were getting desperate. I was playing with her staring her breasts, tickling her hips, pouting at her lips. We were getting impatient. Finally, I picked up some courage. I gave her birthday card which sings, she was happy seeing that, then I asked her to see the reverse of it!!

I started getting scared and tense!

I wrote on back of the greeting card.

! My sweetheart on this day of your birthday, I want to have the privilege of taking your virginity in a nasty way, would you grant me such a sweet chance!

Her face turned different, she immediately took the pen and wrote something and went out of the cafe.

I was really scared and worried

I took the card the ready, wow wow she drew and smiley!!

She wrote! I am all yours baby!!! But is that possible today!!

I was in the sky flying, I decided to perform the task today. Went out of the cafe, she was ready seated in the bike, I went and kissed her ears, and said get ready baby.

I took her to shop which she would have not even imagined off. She was asking me where we are going, I kept silent and was driving the bike. Finally, we reached.

A leading women inner wear shop in Chennai .she was like wordless. I smiled and held her hands and took her inside. All female attendants in the sop and fully air-conditioned .blood started to flow in my body fast and heart beating, I asked her to just look into some fancy lingerie. She did not understand a bit of my plan. We saw all lingerie the saleswomen showed. Then I choose a violet lingerie with stockings and I asked her to try, she went inside the dressing room, she was changing, she called me from inside and said fit seems to fine, then I said her wait and that I want to check. And asked her to open the door. She was giggling and finally, she opened. I saw my sex beast in lingerie exposing her thighs, boobs, all her body completely, wow what a piece of cake, I saw around, all the saleswomen were noticing me stand near trial room, then I decided this is the day !! I cared the dam, jumped on my darling and smooched her wildly, started biting her lips so violently, we smooched for 3 minutes harshly.

Then she pushed me, what are u doing ram!!We are in a shop

I locked the trial room, I held her face and said I am going to fuck you today on your birthday day. Before she could answer, I started to hold her huge balls and started licking her nipple. I sucked those love sticks with sounds, I licked her soft skin, neck, ears and founds that she s fallen already inside my plan. Licked her hips, slowly pulled down her panty with my teeth, my goodness

I saw a woman completely naked for the first time. I got ultra horny, I started to finger her pussy softly. The beast in her woke up. She pushed me on the walls, she started to undress me fast manner, she makes me naked in 2 minutes, she was staring at my penis.it was already hard, she slowly took it in her hand and felt the size, kept her tongue on it, my penis got loaded with sperms,

We heard someone knocking the door

She lifted one of her legs and kept on the stool.

She said! Please ravi fuck me now, I cannot wait anymore, see my pussy, it needs your penis badly ravi, hunt me now!!

I slowly started to let my tool inside her fleshy pussy, she was tight, I spit on pussy to make it wet, applied my saliva to lubricate it. Then I inserted inside completely. Slowly started to fuck

she was in heaven mourning my name, enjoying the first fuck, it was fun fucking her in trial room, with mirrors around and people outside.my penis felt the vagina walls, I saw her boobs jumping on the mirrors. I fucked her for 3 minutes, finally burst all my sperms into her pussy, we breathed heavily, we hugged each other,

She smooched me with love now, we were naked for a couple of minutes, and I dressed her up I understand it’s really making love.

We ran out of the shop without seeing anyone face.

Perfect way I made my girlfriend birthday super special

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