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Sex Story-Brother and Sister

I am Lokesh from Ajmer. I am 29 years old, working in a government bank in Jaipur. I am 6 feet tall and 76 kg in weight. I am a normal Indian guy with good looks. I have a 6 Inch tool to satisfy every girl.

My family consists of my parents, my elder sister Reena, and me. Reena is 32 years old. We both were married. Reena’s husband is working in the USA. I lost my wife in an accident. My parents live in Ajmer and I myself and Reena live in Jaipur. Reena is a lawyer and she is practicing in Jaipur. We live in the same house. We never imagined this will happen in our life.

My sister Reena and my wife Geetha delivered their child (both boys) on the same day respectively. I love my wife very much. But unfortunately, I lost Geetha in an accident 6 months after her delivery. My sister took care of my son after my wife’s demise. She used to breastfeed both the babies. I never had a sexual feeling for my sister.

One day she was breastfeeding our babies and it happened to see her white milky boobs due to the airlifting her saree which she used to cover her boobs. Her son was sucking her one nipple and my son is sucking the other. I waited there and she finished breastfeeding and locked her blouse and adjusted her saree. She didn’t notice me. Her boobs were cute and in perfect shapes. This made me think to suck those boobs and make it as mine.

She is my sister I can’t directly approach her to breastfeed me. But I want to suck those boobs at any cost. Reena wears saree while going to her office and wears nighty in homes as it will be easy to breast anytime. She used to carry both the kids to the office as it very near to our house and also there will be only Reena and her assistant in the office.

Soon she felt tired to take care of both the kids, so she took leave and asked her assistant to take care of the office. So she stayed in the house. Initially, my thought was her boobs but thinking about her boobs made me horny and I saw her as a woman and not as my sister. She had a perfectly shaped body that every male would like to enjoy, this made my mind to say I want her completely.

This is a chance for me to seduce her, but I don’t know how to do it as she is my sister. One day while she was bathing I pinched my kid and he started crying and immediately her son too started crying, my sister came out of the bathroom wrapping a towel around her breast as she thought they were hungry, this is the first time I saw her in the towel only.

I was mesmerized she her white shining body water drops roll down from her neck to her breast, wow what a scene I can’t explain that in words. She asked me to get out so that she can feed them. I went to my room and masturbated thinking about her body. This is the first time I masturbate thinking my sister Reena. I enjoy this masturbated and ejaculated more cum.

I am really horny after that, in the night after dinner I went to her room Reena: Lokesh what's up didn’t sleep ah Me: I am not sleepy Reena: Why? What happened?

Me: Nothing, I am the bit worried about my son, he lost his mother at this early stage itself, Reena: Hey Lokesh why are worried so much, now I am his mother, I breastfeed him as his mother and I am seeing him as my own son so don’t get worried, my little brother Me: I know you taking care of him as your own son but I feel I am troubling you Reena: what is there to the trouble to look after a child, and I happy with my 2 sons

We chatted for a while and she asked me to sleep in her bed itself, (before her marriage we used to share the same bed). Around some 1 am in the night her son cried for milk which made us awake and my son also started to cry. She asked me to carry the kids to her she opened her nighty zip and was ready to feed the kids, she turned facing the wall and feed the kids soon she fell asleep, her boobs were hanging in the air I can see her bare boobs that to the first time, I shifted the kids to the cradle, and I made her lie down and sucked her boobs, wow what taste it was her milk was boobs.

I didn’t do anything as I am afraid and cover her with a blanket and slept near her. The next day when she was awake she realized her nighty zip was open and her boobs were out of her bra and covered with a blanket, and remembered what happened yesterday night (still breastfeeding the babies). She then dressed properly.

She then thanked me with some hesitation and we refreshed and I went to the bank and came late as I had some work in the bank. We had dinner together and we returned to bed, today also I went to her room. She was feeding the babies, I told her I will come later, but she called me to come in.

Reena: Come in Lokesh, already you saw my bare breast last night, so I am the bit comfortable feeding with you in room Me: Hmm ok, Reena: Thank you she said once again Me: ok, but don’t sleep while feeding, it may stop the milk flow Reena: laughed and said, ok little brother. Me: you have big boobs than Geetha had Reena: She was shocked and said, oh really, thank you, she was confused and don’t know how to react Me: with some fear I asked shall taste your milk, please

Reena: She became angry and said, Lokesh, I am your sister, how can you ask me like this Me: I like to taste it once, please After lots of begging, she allowed me to suck her right boobs. Wow, what a taste it was, I sucked some milk and kissed her lips and gave some milk in her mouth she responded to the kiss. After 5 mins kissing, she said enough and leave me. But I was pressing both her boobs. Reena: Lokesh leave me this is wrong we are blood brother and sister Me: So what Akka, you are a girl and am the boy, both have sexual needs, Reena: But I am your sister,

Telling this she kissed my lips and said we can do it only once and pushed me on the bed and removed my t-shirt and came over me I removed her nighty and bra completely and sucked her boobs I made her lie on the bed and I went above her, I removed her petticoat and panty she had a hairy pussy, I started to finger her pussy and she is shivering and enjoying.

I sucked and licked her pussy, she removed my shorts and took my cock in her hand, she said your cock is bigger than my husband and my pussy is waiting for a cock for nearly 2 years. She played with my cock for some time and guided to her pussy. I inserted my dick in her pussy and pumped her hard and made her sit above me and asked her to pump. She moved up and down and we enjoyed it, I ejaculated in her pussy and we both laid facing the ceiling Reena: Thank you, Lokesh, I enjoyed this after 2 years, since I was pregnant, and my husband is in the USA Me: I have to thank you, I myself enjoyed you and the feel of fucking own sister is great, are you ready for next round ka Reena: yes my dear bro

I fucked her again on that day and had regular sex with her. This made her pregnant and she aborted. And then we started using safety precautions.

Hope you enjoyed the story

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