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Sex Story- Bhabhi in Marriage

Hi, readers this is Dev from Bangalore from an IT firm I have an athletic body with a height of 6″ and with a tool, nearly 7″ inch,this incident happened 2 months ago. When I was in my final year. The heroine of the story is Shital she was at her early 30’s she was honey toned, mother of 6yr old,

Her stats were 32-28-34 her ass huge which was just awesome. coming to the story her husband was working in the middle east I guessed that they couldn’t HV regular sex in the meantime we had a common cousin’s marriage

Due to marriage, I got very close to her

In the marriage she wore a maroon lehenga on reception her ass was boosted in the costume her blouse was deep enough to reveal her cleavage, I had an instant hard on and I Masturbated on that night, we danced for a moment as I got very close to her on marriage day my eyes were in search of her finally I saw her she wore a green silk saree with a cleavage-revealing blouse which made me stone struck. I wanted to get laid with her at any cost, but I didn’t care for it

After marriage got over. My house was nearest to the marriage hall some of us went to my house, it took just a few minutes to reach. My house was 3 BHK one as everyone was tired two rooms were filled up by guests and my room was upstairs and it was empty I told her to go and have rested there.

after some time I too went to the room where she was there I was stoned by seeing her lying on I bolted the door without her knowledge and slept beside her there was no reaction from her laid my hand on her She just turned towards me and gave a romantic smile ; which encouraged me further I started massaging her belly and started circling her belly button, and moved very close to her she was sensing my tool and she was resisting me at start and it lasted no longer she started enjoying my activities , I massaged her boobs on her blouse and let my hand under her saree and I was rubbing her pussy on her panty on her which made her turn her on, she gave a loud moan and turned towards me and we smooched for 15 mins our tongues explored each other’s mouth . I sensed that she was craving for sex all these days

I got up from the bed and closed the curtains she gave a lusty look I just jumped over her I moved her pallu and started licking all over her body she was moaning. I removed her saree and blouse and lowered her in the skirt, and removed all gold jewelry. The only mangal sutra was hanging the lusty goddess was lying with bra and panty. Her panty was already wet because of my activities. I started teasing her.

She pushed me down and came on me started undressing me and she removed my underwear by biting it. She was surprised to see my 7inch saluting her lust and she said she is going to enjoy all her thrust was over started giving me a blowjob, she took the full tool in her mouth, and I was on cloud9. I removed her bra and underwear, I was sucking her boobs and playing with another later went down and I started licking her thighs and slowly moved towards her love hole she had love juice oozing from her pussy and I started rubbing her vagina and inserted my finger into it later two fingers, finger fucked her. And started to insert my tongue into it she has enjoined it. And she cummed and squirted. She has enjoined it and she was moaning aaaahh…..aaaahhh…

She said she never had such an experience and wanted to get well satisfied for the day.

My dick started to salute her again. I went on her and started teasing her by rubbing my dick on her pink pussy, she was moaning and begging to enter the hole. I gave a thrust into her. And I started to pump in and out and increased speed linearly. she was truly enjoined it, my hands started playing with her boobs and licking her earlobes, the room was filled up with her moans and lust everywhere,

We both climaxed together her pussy was filled up with my hot fluid. We had a heavenly session.

After some time we had another session this time she rode me, while she was riding I loved to enjoy her bouncing boobs and I was spanking her ass she was loving it this time she took my cum in her mouth without wasting a single drop of it.

We fucked hard in different style. We well enjoyed the machinery style. I tit fucked her. we had the most enjoying doggy style I fucked her ass, first, she resisted but later she enjoyed, she had an awestruck booty I meant her ass, it was a sexy big deal. She wanted to dominate me. I did resist her, she tired my hands and legs to the bed with the clothes nearby and rode me started teasing me, We laid some time in ’69’ position She to enjoyed, she cleaned my cock

We were exhausted, laid for some time and we dressed smooched for some time and moved off we were smiling at each other thinking about the incident, still we have regular sex.

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