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Sex Story - Bhabhi

Hi everyone, this is Gokul from Tamil Nadu. This is real story happened between me and bhabhi a year ago. I am short tempered guy, and many things twice before talking to me. Many of ladies or aunties i see, the first thing come to my mind is thier boobs. Coming to the fact, my brother got married in 2006 may month. When I saw my bhabhi in marriage , I was just dumbstruck, she was so beautiful and every part of her body is so perfect. After marriage she came to our house but I was like speaking to her only if I have any work. I had made up my mind to make love to her and was looking out for a chance always. Needless to say, I could not get the chance. One fine day, I was studying in my room for my semester at 6 am. Suddenly I heard her calling my name for asking tea. I just said ok for it and I got within 15 min . Then she said she is going for bath and I nodded positively.

Seeing her from backside was mainly creating my evil mind. Her ass was so good that I can’t even miss a single chance to see it. After 15 mins I just moved from my room and headed towards bathroom.. I just waited for 2 minutes, then I heard shower sound , and there s a small gap in bathroom for ventilation. I just moved and slowly saw from the gap. I was just dead seeing her nude. She was nearly 32_28_34(approximately). I had jerked for nearly 3 times thinking about her. This was my routine work for nearly 10 to 15 days. But one it was changed, when I was near the ventilation door, she suddenly saw me from bathroom but I could not meet my eyes from that day….

5 years gone like and one fine day I was at home alone , so moved to her self and got her bra, panties and just leaked a lot. I have masturbate there thinking her like fucking. Then I went out and returned at night. Next day she intentionally said to me that she is going for bath at 7 am. Again the same evil mind started, I immediately ran towards d place, when I just looked from the hole, bhabhi was not inside, she was standing back of me. I thought am dead she will complaint to everyone but nothing happen like that. She said don’t watch like this, am your brother’s wife. .. I just said sorry and moved from there.

But I was seeing something difference in her,; she came to me at night and asked me what you want to see, y you seeing me in wrong manner like…. I did not speak any word. Finally when she turned moving, I saw her ass and couldn’t control, so caught her hand and kissed her lips so hard, and to my luck she just responded to good. . We were kissing so hardly biting and sucking lips… and kept on pressing her boobs so hard, it was going on for nearly 10 mins , then heard some sound so she left from the place…..

The next day I had a good time with her . She was keeping on smiling seeing me naughtily, I was unable to control my dick, I just wanted to put my dick in her mouth and wanted to fucking her … My family members were near so could not do as I wish. Suddenly I heard my mother saying that she is going for temple and I had a big smile in my face. I saw my queen and even she was smiling seeing me.

The moment my mom moved from house, I immediately grabbed her and we were kissing like there is no tomorrow. We fell down kissing each other and after 10 min of smooching , we went to my bedroom, I was teasing her saying U want to become my whole or u want my kid etc etc… She was so horny that she was not interested in my talks, then I presses my dick without removing my pant, and she started to suck her own lips.. I removed her saree and was going so mad, i have started pressing her boobs so hard, then i started opening her blouse buttons, she closed her eyes and started to enjoy, then I removed her pink bra, ,there comes big nipples,I was astonished, kept on sucking it and biting; I had a big tent and trying to come out.. but I was keeping on kissing her lips and was pressing her boobs so hard.. She was moaning like ah ahh a huh. Then she removed my pant, and underwear. She hold it with her hands and said I have bigger and thicker than my bro.

I asked her why she joined me for bed session, then she said she is not fucked by brother for month and years… so she thought to take chance with me

. We were going horny so much, so I made her sleep on bed and started to suck her pussy, she was screaming a lot. . Then I couldn’t control, so I stood immediately and kept my cock at entrance of her cunt. .. I have made hard pushes and she started to shout saying me bad words… I was keep on fucking her hard till I cum… and spread all my cum on her boobs, . Suddenly bell rang, we got frightened, she directly went to the bathroom and I wore my dress and opened the door… We still have great pleasure and do bad things whenever no one is around us.

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