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Sex Story - Aunty !

Let me introduce myself for those who don’t know me. My name is Kapil, 24 years old. I finished my master degree at a reputed university. Now I am looking for a job.

This story is about me and my aunty Dr. Kavya. Basically, in my home, we are three members – me, dad (52) and mom (42yo). Once my aunty came to visit us and she took me to her house as it was holidays for me.

My aunt was a psychological doctor. So I will start the story narrating how everything happened before 8 years.

Usually, my dad visits India once in three months. Being a good son, I always help mom and aunty. I was also good at studies. I would always discuss everything with my aunty and she explains to me the good and the bad things. She uses to wear saris only. She was fair and a tall lady with some flesh in the right places.

One day, she was going for one lecture and that day, I was feeling very bored. So I asked her whether I can join her. She agreed.

Until this time, there was nothing between me and aunty. She got ready in a cotton sari and I wore a cotton shirt and jeans. We reached the place. The seminar was about how to make young boys and girls understand their physical changes and behaviors. There was some short movie about this.

After finishing the seminar, we left the hall and came back home. During dinner time, I asked some questions about sexual changes in the male and female bodies, and how to control bad thoughts on females.

Aunty: Kapil, you are sweet and innocent. I will explain everything to you after dinner. Come to my bedroom.

After dinner, I changed my clothes and went to aunt’s bedroom. She was in her sari. Aunty closed the door.

Aunty: Ok. Tell me what do you feel when you see a good looking girl?

Me: I feel excited and something happening in my heart.

Aunty: Which body parts of her do you watch?

Me: Means?

Aunty: when your heart is excited, it means you have seen something physically good in her.

Me: Her eyes and whole face.

Aunty: And what else? Please tell me frankly. Think that I am a doctor and not your aunt. Do you feel more excited by seeing some of her body parts?

Me: Her smile, way of talking, lips, etc. But I never felt too much excited.

Aunty: My dear son usually boy getting excited when they see the private part of girl or women.

Me: Aunty can you tell me will boys can get excited by seeing the women’s body.

Aunty: yes.

Me: it means if get a chance to see any women body part then I will get excited.

Aunty: Yes, I think u liking women than girls, right

I was shying when aunty said this, as she is a psychological doctor

Aunty: That’s ok, my dear.

Me: Thanks aunty for understanding, aunty when I am feeling excited something I am feeling in my stomach.

Aunty: Son, stomach or below the stomach.

Me: Below stomach means

Until this time I was not at all feeling excited about my mother and even her?

Aunt has to play the same video which has shown in the seminar, that time she was observing me, I was feeling excited and some etching at my penis part, and so I was adjusting my penis.

That time my aunt hold my hand and said this I what the start of the excitement. When you can just see a few parts of the women, you got this much excitement.

Aunty: Tell me are feeling excited, if you see me also be frankly my dear.

Me: Hmmmm, sometimes.

Aunty: Ok, then what you do.

Me: nothing.

Aunty: if you get the chance to see more will you like,

Me: But aunty, you are my aunty.

Aunty: I am the first doctor, then aunty

Me: Ok then,

Aunty: Hey, don’t say ok. Give me smile my sweet dear.

Me: I gave a smile. Aunty, you are so sweet. I love you aunty

Aunty: I love you to my dear. Will you ready,

Me: Yes aunty, but if you don’t mind I can do.

Aunty: fine, you can remove all my cloth

I started looking into her eyes and seeing her body. She was looking so gorgeous and beautiful. I untied her hair, watching her from top to bottom. Then I hold her pallu and take off her sari.

She gave a smile and said you like my body is getting excited. I said yes aunty. Now she was into only a blouse and petticoat. I ask her to take round slowly; she started moving slowly when I was watching her chest, stomach, and waist.

When I was watching her waist I saw some gap in her petticoat, from there I could see her while coloring panty. By seeing that, my penis got excited. My aunt was smiling and said my dear getting excited by watching me I am so happy. I love you, my dear.

Then I unhook her blouse and take off, I have seen some hair on her underarm. She was wearing a white bra.

Aunty: Dear come and smell my underarm, you feel more excited.

She took up her both hand, I went near her and smelling her underarm. First time I am not like it but she told me to take for a few minutes you will like it.

So I was smelling it for 5 mins then she said to come to bed and smell. We both got laid on the bed and I smelled her under arm watching her chest.

I asked her “aunty can you please tell me your body parts name”.

So she said by pointing on the chest it’s called breast or boobs, stomach, naval, and pussy, and asshole.

I was watching her boobs that time I was excited to touch her boob and also I was getting more excited by smelling her underarms. Then I don’t know how I started smelling her full body part I was going downside.

Then my aunt said my dear, come to hug me, I can’t see you like this. I hug her she taken me all clothes and then she said please now take off all my cloth.

So I took off her bra petticoat and panty. Now we both hugged tightly. She said I love you, my dear.

I said I also love you, aunty. I was watching her body so closely, she said dear, now kiss my body and lick it you will like it. I started licking aunty body it tastes salty. She said to lick her under arm ear, boobs… I was repeatedly licking her body…

She started moaning ahhhhh…. Uuuuuuuuuummm loves u, my dear……….

Then she asked me to come between her legs… I was watching her lower body… her legs have little hair and also had some hair on her pussy.

Her thighs are so big I started kissing her thighs now I seat in between her leg and watching her pussy…

My aunt said, “come dear see your aunt’s pussy and asshole”.

I went near her pussy. It was looking so beautiful with a pink hole with some dripping white drops. I started licking and I felt current in my body…

Aunt holds my head and press on her pussy.. and said ohhhhh…….. My dear lick it, makes me satisfy, make me relax………. Oh…….. ummmmm………

She asked me to change to a position as 69……… and then she took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it while licking my asshole…

I was feeling so excited… I said oohhhh aunty I love you please do it fast……

Aunty said no beta we will do it slowly… you will feel relaxed………..

All of a sudden, I was feeling like to pee. I told aunty the same…

She said please pour into her mouth and I did the same… I felt so relaxed and she has drunk all my pee…

Then she started licking my asshole… I was also licking her pussy and asshole… We exchange our spits in each other mouth…

She started fingering my asshole and I was getting more excited by this action as this was a new experience for me….

Then she said to come to normal position… She held my dick and asked me to enter it in her pussy…

I pushed a bit and my half dick went inside her pussy… Her pussy was so tight.

Oh fuck… ooohhh my son, pump slowly you will like it…

Oh, aunty, I love you so much… can we do this regularly from now onwards….

She held me tight and said yes my dear I am all yours…. whenever you want we will do it…

I said aunty can I ask you one thing…

Ahhhhhhh yes, baby…..

Does mom also feels the same excitement as us……..

She said yes…… Then she asked me “Do you want to taste her also”

Yes aunty……….. ohhhh my dear I will arrange that later………… oooooooohhhh

“Aunty I love you so much………… aunty something is coming out from my dick”.

Baby release your load in my pussy ahhhhhhh… uuuuuuuum. Ahhhhhh, my baby…….

I came in my aunty pussy and slept on her….. She was holding me tight and said… did you like your aunty……

I replied yes aunty very much……….

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