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Sex Story - Aunty

Hi friends today I’m going to tell you the story of how I got caught masturbating by my friend’s mom which lead to sex with her. Let me tell you about myself first. I am a 20-year-old male from Udaipur with an athletic build and a 6-inch cock.

My friend’s mom is also from Udaipur. She is a sex goddess who is the heroine of this story. She is a 41-year-old fair-skin lady who has medium-sized boob’s and an ass that will please any man.

I was at my friend’s house studying as we had a group project due. We were doing our work when my friend’s mom Kiran (name changed) came into the house. My tool immediately rose up at the sight of her beauty. She came over to us and asked if we wanted something to eat we both said no need.

She said okay and said that she needed to get some sleep as she was very tired. My friend then said that he had to go for work and would only come back after 3 days so left the house. So I had to do the rest of the work myself.

When I had finished the work I was feeling horny as I kept thinking about Kiran Aunty. Then I had got an idea to record her changing. I texted my mother that I would only be back after 3 days saying I had an emergency business trip. I then went upstairs to her room and quietly put my phone in her room while she was sleeping. I then went down to the living room and waited.

She then came downstairs after 1 hour and started making dinner. While she was making dinner she dropped a spoon. When she bent down to get it her cleavage could be seen. I couldn’t hold my horniness much longer and decided to masturbate in the toilet.

I ran up and got my phone and went to the toilet. When I looked at the video I recorded of Kiran Aunty I found out that I got a video of her changing her dress. I started masturbating to that and just when I was about to cum the door opened.

Kiran Aunty just came into the toilet and asked what the hell I was doing. I didn’t reply. She then just said that she was going to tell my mother what I was doing. She then grabbed my phone and saw the video of her. This made her even angrier, she immediately deleted the video and told me to go downstairs.

I waited downstairs as she came down and told me that she had cameras everywhere and got a recording of me masturbating. She then said that I must do what she says otherwise she’ll post the video and tell my mother. I begged her not to and said that I will do anything.

She then told me that I had to have sex with her every day possible. I told her okay because I wanted to lose my virginity to her, but I also asked her why. She said that her husband didn’t last long and didn’t please her. She then ordered me to go to the bedroom and wait.

After waiting for about 5 mins, she came into the room wearing a very sexy black lingerie which made her tits seem like they wanted to jump out. She then told me to relax and just let her take control. She did a lap dance and stripped herself and me. My cock was hard by then so she started sucking my cock. It was the best blow job.

She then ordered me to suck her breasts. I immediately started sucking her nipples until she ran out of milk. It was amazing. I was then ordered to lie down as she was going to ride my cock. Her pussy was tight but felt so good.

She then took my dick out of her and told me to take control. I grabbed her legs and started licking her pussy. Her juices tasted better than her milk so I licked her clean. I then started fucking her doggy style. She started moaning loudly and said, “fuck me, baby, I want your cum.”

Hearing this I increased the speed. After 10 mins I told her that I was going to cum so she told me to take my dick out of her and cum on her tits. She started stroking my cock until I came on her tits.

We were exhausted by then so fell asleep together naked. When I woke up Kiran Aunty was gone. I went downstairs looking for her and found her in the kitchen cooking breakfast without clothes. I got turned on by then so grabbed her from behind and started kissing her.

She told me to stop and wait as she was cooking. I told her no but she replied you have to do what I say. She also told me to not wear any clothes for the next 2 days. I decided to listen to her and took off my clothes and then we had our breakfast naked.

After breakfast, Kiran Aunty grabbed me and said that she wanted to do anal sex. I told her that I didn’t know how to but she said that she’ll teach me. She told me to insert my cock in her butt and fuck her like I normally would. It felt so good in her butt. She told me to take my cock out and face fuck her I told her okay Aunty. I face fucked her for 5 mins and came in her mouth. She swallowed all of my cum in one go.

We then had sex every day possible and even started using sex toys, thanks for reading.

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