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Real Brother and Sister

Hi all free Indian story Readers, this is my true story of my hot sister with real brother based on one hundred percent true facts. Some details will be changed like

Name or places for some reasons but the content is nothing but truth.

The story begins with my father who worked in private steal company as field electrician. He were well off, where My mom was a English teacher in primary school. We were three kids, two elder sister and i was the youngest son. This is a secret story between my middle sisters when she was like in her 9th standard school, where I was in 6th standard. She was about 15 years old and was started to develop very nice body parts. I always respected her a lot, as our eldest sister

Were in C.B.S.E board exams class 10th, Mom and dad made sure, our eldest sister had nothing to do but study we were a very happy family. I had very loyal friends as well.I remember so many incidents with my middle sister which no one knows about and I am going to share them today.

I used to watch my sister in wet white clothes coming on her bicycle and used to get excited her school or after raining. A very shocking day in my life, when one day my sister said, hey let’s play a game.It was about 5:00 in the evening. Mom was chattering outside with her friends. Eldest sister used to go to her tuition.

My middle sister said “why don’t you go under legs while i stand like tunnel.

I said “OK”

We did that 2 or 3 times.

After couple of times later. I saw her Black Panties and her naked white legs to the joints of her pussy. She had her legs open…I swear. I started taking more rounds and every time i would pass now, I started touching her vagina ( on top of panties), After some time she said “I am tired”.

I thought all night “what the hell happened “…

Next morning came, nothing, no expression and none of us was ashamed of each other.

Same evening, she locked the door and laid with me on bad. She took off my nicker and her panties and asked me to insert in her ass. I tried to ram my dick in her ass but it did not go in. she asked me to push harder and tried to push herself but it still did not go in...I had my hand on her breast and i was in high heaven. We were trying while i had one hand on her breast and the other I started inserting in her front. As soon as I took hand in, I felt the silkiest feeling. Yes, I knew she was Turing Into a nice looking women, her bushes were growing but in less than 5 seconds, he took my second hand out.

In 2 minutes, we both gave up and then the biggest climax happened to me. She turned around and slapped the hell out of me. My eye started watering from one side and grabbed my hair and said “she was testing me and if i ever do this thing again, she would destroy me”I got panicked but while I was sleeping at night, i realized, my sister might really want a men to please her.

At another hand, I also thought, maybe she got angry because I could not satisfy her but if you understand from my point, I was in 7th standard and my hormones were on pre-growth, my dick used to get hard but it was still early for cum to produce. For some reason girls gets mature quickly.

Any ways, this incident would happen every 3 times a month and my dick would still not go in my sister ass. She got frustrated and frustrated and stopped all of this sexual activities in 6 months. She stopped talking to me as well but would react normal in front of the family.

A year went by like this, another year, I came in class 9th, while she was in 11th.My sister was one of the most beautiful creation I ever saw back in a days. I do not know where she had a bf or not but she never went out with anybody. She would always help, make food for us and was really a decent girl.She was very hot and sexy while she turned like her 17th birthday.

Once upon a time she was sleeping and was about the same times like 5:00 evening. By this time I could cum and dick used to get hard and everything but in these two years i never saw any affection from her. So I was scared. She was sleeping on her side. I could see sun on her face from curtains. i saw her lips and they were so gorgeous, her hair here so pretty and she looked so innocent and gorgeous.

I went up on double bed, took my dick out and started walking on my knees slowly. When i reached my sister face close, I rubbed my dick on her lips. To put my dick in her mouth. I had to bend and once I did that, I could not see, where the dick went inside her mouth or not but before I left, I rubbed my dick on her chin, nose and whole face. She was still sleeping. I left the room because my heart was pounding.

Very next day, I saw her sleeping again on same time but in another room, I went ahead and started touching my dick on her lips again but for some reason, my cum oozed out….To the surprise, I grabbed my cum on with my penis skin and then made a drop of my cum fall on her face and then my heart started pounding again and i ran away.

Right after 2 minutes, when i was coming out of the bathroom after cleaning myself, i saw her passing me by while she had my sperm on her fingers while she was smelling it and feeling it with her fingers but she cleaned or did whatever in the bathroom but never said anything to me but i know this for sure, she did not like it and i never did that again.


YEARS PASSED BY, 10 years,

I do not know what happened but after that day. I never tried to anything and neither did my sister. Everything or every history was gone.My Elder sister got married and so as my middle sister.

I was lucky, my middle sister did not live too far after the marriage, I used to visit her every month, and my elder sister would come once in 2 years or so. I middle sister who had such sexual incidents with me was now like my best friend and i really started growing true respect for her. We both forgot everything.

Thanks for reading...

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