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My Sexy Classmate

Hiiii guys my name is Nayan (name changed) I’m 20 years old and 5’11 and I have a good body with a 6-inch tool and this is my first story here so if there are any mistakes don’t mind….Now let’s get straight into the story…

I’m studying engineering 2nd year in a reputed college in Vellore, Tamilnadu and the heroine of the story is Reena (name changed). Her stats are 34,28,32 and she looks like a sex goddess. So we both are classmates and we used to chat regularly on WhatsApp.

She’s a good friend of mine and I always enjoy her company. So our model exams are approaching and she is poor in some subjects and she asked my help. I agreed happily, she told me to come to her home the next day to learn the subject and I went there. I rang the doorbell and there she is in a white tee and a track pant..her boobs were looking so big in that tight t-shirt.

She called me inside I went and sat on the sofa, she gave me some water… while returning to keep the glass in a kitchen I can see how her ass is moving rhythmically, I got a little boner by that. She came back and we went to the bedroom to study, her parents were not at home as it is afternoon and they’ll be working.

I started explaining to her the subject and when she leans forward I can smell her scent which drove me crazy. After studying for some time we took a break and started talking about college movies and all the other stuff.

During that, I asked her “why didn’t u ask pooja to teach u the subject” then she said,” you know she is always busy with her boyfriend, whenever her parents are not home she will call her boyfriend and they have sex”. I said, “well you are alone right now u can call your boyfriend and have sex”. She said,” well as I don’t have a boyfriend and I think I can have sex with you”. I was like”seriously “and she said just “kidding hahaha”.

Later we started with the subjects and we finished them and I asked her can I leave? She said, “you can stay my parents will return back at 10 pm…give me some company a”…I said “OK ”and we started watching TV.

After some time of watching a romantic scene was coming on TV I got a boner and she noticed it and laughed at me I asked “what it is” she pointed at my shaft I was embarrassed and covered it with a pillow she said “it looks like big” and I replied “yup wanna see?”

She said “haha sure “and she opened my zip and took my dick out of jockey and said “well it is pretty big” and started giving hand job slowly when it became fully erect she took in her mouth.

I was in cloud nine it was warm in her mouth and she was pro in it….she blew me for 15mins and took the load in her mouth… Now it’s my turn I removed her tee and she was wearing a black colour bra I was sucking her boobs through the bra and started planting kisses on her lips and earlobes. I removed her bra and was sucking one boob and started playing with another one…

She was moaning like aaahhh haaaaa slowly… Then I slowly moved down to her belly button and sucked it.

Then I removed her track pant and noticed a red panty and removed it too….. Her pussy was the beautiful thing I have ever seen it was pink, cleanly shaven… I started kissing near her pussy and slowly moved to her pussy…I licked her pussy and was fingering it in the middle for 15 mins and she came with a loud moan.

Then I took her to the bedroom and placed my cock on her beautiful pussy entrance I was just moving it on the top of the pussy to tease her and she said “please put it in” (she was not virgin, she used to have a boyfriend) and I slowly put it in, it was tight just ¼ of the cock went in and she started screaming I lip locked her and pushed it with full force, it totally went it.

Tears rolled from her eyes I kissed her and waited so that she can adjust. Then I started fucking her in the missionary position for 15 mins then we switched to cowgirl it was the best sight, her boobs moving up and down, after riding for 10 mins I was about to come and I came (was wearing a condom) and she came too.

I lied next to her she hugged me and I kissed on her forehead. We lied there for 10 mins and we checked the time it was 9.00 pm so we moved to shower and had sex there in doggy style and she wanted it on her boobs so I cum on her boobs. Later we had sex whenever we get a chance.

Her father got a transfer now and she moved to another city in a month but we are in touch now and I miss her very badly.

Thanks, guys this is my first story.

Thank you guys have a great day…

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