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My Sex Story

Hello everyone, I am Poonam, 32 yrs old, I am married right now with 2 kids!! This story that I am gonna narrate is during my final days of engineering. Hope u enjoy it!! So coming to the story, so basically, I am from Jaipur and I am from an orthodox family and my dad is very strict. I did my schooling in Jaipur itself. It is was boring and I didn’t have friends. I had to return home after school or college!!! But during my engineering, my life took a turn and it was amazing!!! I am 5 ft 4″ tall with a normal body (32-28-34). Black long hairs till my hips and fair!

Fortunately, I got an engineering seat in college in Pune !!! I was very happy that I am away from my house and a strict dad !!! The first three years of college went normal, fewer friends, only studies and all!! But during the last year, my whole life changed due to one person and she was Nikita!!! Nikita was fucking rich and a hottie of our class. She was an average student in studies but a very popular girl in college!!! While making groups for the project, I and she got in the same group and that’s how we became friends!!

Initially, we didn’t talk much but later on, we became best friends!!! Even though she had an apartment for herself in Pune, she used to hang out with me in my hostel room!! Due to her, my dressing style changed, my hairstyle changed and even got a tattoo on my arm!!! We used to party during weekends and used to have a shit load of fun!!

One day, she introduced me to a guy named Anshul, who was her friend and that he had a crush on me!! We started to date and within weeks we became physical. We used to have oral sex all the time!!! I used to suck his dick nearly 3-4 times a week!! This went for 2-3 weeks and we both had the urge to fuck!! But I was a little hesitant, so I said no and rejected the proposal of having sex!!!! But Anshul had other plans, he waited and after our exams got over, he threw a house party and invited almost everyone. I and Nikita, as usual, wore the sexiest outfit!! I was wearing a tight black backless sequins V neck and black stilettos. I had tied my hair into a high pony. My tattoo was prominently visible and my cleavage was on spot due to my push up bra. We clicked our selfies and went to the party!!

As soon as we entered, Anshul came and hugged me and even spanked my ass in front of everyone!!! I blushed and hugged him again in embarrassment!! People started coming and the party was high!!! I and Nikita were drinking like there was no tomorrow!! And then the party shifted toward the pool…..people started to jump and throw other people!!! Girls started to remove their dress and jumped into the pool in their bikinis!! seeing that, me and Nikita too removed our dress and we had a blast!!! Around 1 am, I was totally drunk and was making out with Anshul near the pool. Few people had left and only a few couples and some girls were partying!!

We were totally high and again he asked me for sex and again I rejected!!!! But he was the guy with a plan, later after a few minutes, he brought drinks for me and Nikita!! I drank it…but later I felt dizzy…Anshul and Nikita both helped me and made me sleep in one of his rooms!!! After a few hours… I woke up and saw Anshul's cum on my boobs and was shocked that he took my virginity and I broke into tears as I saw a guy filming me!! I pushed Anshul, took my clothes, and went to my hostel!!!

I don’t know whether the other guy also fucked me!!! I was totally devastated and cried a lot!! I didn’t talk with anyone and went to my native after a few days as the college was over!! I was still in trauma and couldn’t believe it happened!! Nikita tried to contact me but I didn’t receive her calls!!! Days went by and I started to feel normal and positive!! As I dint met my college friends after the incident, I could recover easily!!! After a few days, I received an email from the companies that I had applied and had to go back to Pune!!

I company I selected had arranged accommodations and the room was quite nice!! Few days went by and I made friends at work and everything was going okay and I was happy!!! But one day I received a strange email about how sexy I was during engineering and he wanted to have sex with me!!! I was shocked but I ignored it. As the days went by, the emails also increased, and later I got to know that my video has gone viral !!! I was totally shocked when I saw my video!! I cried a lot and even didn’t go to work for a few days!! my parents called me and said how ashamed they are and even told me not to come back!!

I was heartbroken and started to curse myself for all this!! Few days went by and I taught myself to be strong, then went to the office and apologized for not coming to work and all!!! As I had no option of going to my parent’s house, I had to work!! The email started increasing, few were sending their nudes, few were offering money and all!! I then opened that video and started watching!! I watched to entire video how both of them fucked my virgin pussy and how I was enjoying their dicks!!! As I was watching the video, unknowingly my hand was rubbing my pussy and I was wet!!!

Later that night I opened my emails and started to read what they have sent!!! Everyone had said how slutty I was to fuck 2 guys on my first sex!! As I continued to read, I started enjoying!!! There were many people offering money and I decided to have sex with rich guys!! One guy had offered like 50k so I replied him back!!!

Few days we chatted mostly sexting then he invited me to a house party as his Gf, I accepted the offer and went to the party!! I decided to wear a dark green lace top revealing my navel and a black tight skirt!!! We met there and soon the party started, we danced together and he was touching my entire body!! Later the party went wild, few people started removing clothes and it became a sex party!!

Few girls were topless and few were giving blowjobs!!! There was few gay and lesbian action, I realized that I was paid 50k to an orgy!! The rich guy came towards me naked with drinks and he started to undress me and soon I was making out naked around them!!! I then realized how slutty I was and I became wild!!

As I was sucking his dick, he was pressing my boobs and also fingering another girl!! While sucking, many guys came by touched my boobs and even kissed me!! I was totally enjoying it, later a girl came near me and she pulled me and we kissed long!! He came behind me and pushed his dick inside me, I let out a soft moan and started to suck her nipples!!! Then he sat down and I started to ride his dick and everyone started to cheer me!!!

I was riding like a slut and my moans were loud!! Then 2 guys came near me and I started to suck their dicks!! Then we changed positions, one guy came behind me and pushed his dick in my ass and I moaned in pain!! The rich guy went for my pussy and I was sandwiched between these guys!!! They fucked me and I was in heaven!!! Both came inside me, later I had sex with 5-6 guys and they gave me a bukkake!!!

The whole night I fucked, I squirted, drank cum from many people, and tats it!!! This is how I became a slut!! I had many such encounters and attended many sex parties, now I am married and my husband doesn’t know about all these except my video!!! He doesn’t talk about my video and loves me a lot!!! We have a good sex life and I am happy with no regrets!!!

This is my story I hope you like it !!

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