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Helping A Friend Get Pregnant

Hi horny people. I want go directly to the story my name sandip i stay in Bangalore works in MNC i am from Gujarat this is enough about me. Coming to the girl of the story i don’t want to mention her name lets name her as jyoti

she is an average girl her age 24 and my age is 25. we joined as freshers in same company at same time 2014 Mar. as we joined at same time we became good friends.

We to eat lunch together every day even we use to share our personal matters also. After 6 months she got married with a guy who work in other MNC in Bangalore. They shifted to apartment where i am staying. I helped them in shifting her husband also became good friends. Sometime i use to there house for lunch. we are like family friends i am a bachelor this is the reason sometime i go their home if i got some free time.

After one year of their marriage they didn’t got any child. once I and JYOTI was eating lunch together in office. she said ‘she want some help with me’ our conversation went on like this.

Me: what help you need from me?

she was hesitant tell this and was sacred also.

Jyoti: before i tell you should promise me that you should not disclose this to anyone.

Me: is this that much secret.

Jyoti: yeah

Me: ok tell me.

Jyoti: I want to be pregnant.

Me: hahahahaha jyoti you should stay more with your husband.

Jyoti: how can i tell you.

Me: what happen.

Jyoti: we are trying for a baby from six months but we could not make it.

Me: have you went any doctor.

Jyoti: yeah we did. doctor did medical checkups of both of us.

Me: what did he told. Jyoti: doctor said my hubby has low sperm count that he can not make a baby. even we have met other doctor also he also said the same no use of if he use any medicines also.

Me: do your husband know about his medical situation.

Jyoti: yeah he knows that.

Me: so what can i do now!

Jyoti: As you are my best friend. i want you help me get pregnant.

Me: does your hubby know about what you are talking about.

Jyoti: yeah he know. he only brought up this idea.

Me: give me some time to think. let you know after couple of days.

Jyoti: ok


was shocked after hearing this we didn’t had this type of conversation any time. i don’t have any feeling on her. i was thinking what to do now should i help her or not. the next after this conversation i have met with her husband at badminton court only we both were there in the court. did your wife told you what happened yesterday. yeah i incest ed her to ask you. i cant change my medical condition we were worried of baby so that we can have respect form our relatives and society. we are in search of good looking and good person who will keep it secret i thought you are the best option of us. can you please help us we can be a happy family if we have a baby in family.

By his words i was ready to help. that day evening i want to their house to discuss. Guys i am ready to help you after listening to this they were feeling happy. but you should not contact me for other baby they said ok. her hubby said she will be out of town next weekend i want you to do this upon my absence i don’t have any objection.

now comes the night it was Friday night we came from office i went to my home to fresh up. she invited me for dinner. i had bath and took some flowers went to her home at 8PM rang the bell she opened the door immediately she was waiting for me my eyes got pop-out by seeing her even though she is average her structure is good. she wore black colour sari she know that black is my favorite colour. she is revealing her navel dam man she has perfect curves and that nave is sexy i was totally out of this world. i was thinking how could i didn’t noticed this beauty from past 2 years. i was standing at door like dumb she called my name jyoti i came to conscious and said hi. What you were looking at sandip. you don’t know i was looking at i was thinking how i didn’t seen that this many days she was giving naughty smile i winked at her we were sitting at couch after 10 min of talk i have asked where did your hubby went he went to Hyderabad this morning on office work he can see me with other man he is good in bed by only the problem is his sperm count is not enough to make baby ok lets have dinner. i totally forgot to give flowers after this she said after this long time you remember that you have got flowers yeah i have forgot after seeing such beauty. jyoti we took dinner and started to watch movie we were sitting close to each other there was a romantic scene in the movie i kept my hand on her shoulder jyoti she looked at me our eyes met yeah man that was the moment we came closer our lips met kiss went on i placed my hand on her navel her breaths got increased i am pressing her navel she got more horny and started kissing more vigorously she tried to sit on my laps while kissing i helped her by lifting she sat on my laps we were kissing.

i moved my right hand towards her right boob i was pressing her boobs. we smooched for more than 15 min jyoti she broke the kiss and said lets move to bedroom. jyoti i lift her moved towards bedroom and opened the door bed was decorated with flowers as it was our first night of course it was our first night. the aroma in the room was more tempting me i towed her on be and jumped on her. started kissing her again and removed her sari she was lying on bed above the flowers and only blouse and peticote slowly removed her blouse and there comes be black bra above the white cleavage she has nice pair of boob. her boobs were free after removing her bra they were sexy i started sucking them one after the other she started moaning ‘aaaaaaa uuuuuuffffffffuuuuuu yeah sandip suck them more do it more’ jyoti i went slowly towards her navel and played with her navel and jyoti removed the knot of the petticote she removed the peticote she removed my t-shirt and jeans also

she was in her black panty and i was in my underwear. she came towards my tool set it free she started stroking my tool and said it is bigger that my hubby. she took my tool in her mouth and started sucking it she was sucking like pro and licking from bottom to the to damn she was too good in blowjob after some time i removed her panty and saw door of heaven it was cleanly shaved we cam in 69 postion i started rubbing her pussy slowly inserted my middle finger in her pussy started finger fuck her inserted another finger also after some time i started licking her pussy mean while she was sucking my cock

I removed my fingers moving my tongue in circular motion on her vaginal walls she was exited .i was licking her pussy and tongue fucking her. Room was filled with her moans. she was reaching her climax moving her hip up i was sucking licking more jyoti she released her lovely juice i drank it all. after that i came in missionary position and pointed my cock on her pussy and started rubbing her pussy with my cock i want to tease her more she was telling please push it in i cant wait more. to do that i want you to beg . she was begging me please put it in please please.

I was pushing it slowly. as her vagina was lubricated with her juice tool went in smoothly. it was like in heaven. i started stoking slowly first jyoti later increased the speed after some time we shifted the position she was on to of me and riding me this is my second favourite position she was out of her energy we changed to doggy style this is my first favourite position we were reaching climax we both ejected at same time. we fell on bed cuddling each other after half en hour we started it again we did it every weekend till she missed her periods. after she got conformed in 3rd month that she is pregnant.

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