Darling landlord !

Myself Shubham have read all the valuable experiences shared by many people. Then I asked my Reena for permission so that I also can upload my experience with her. This is the real experience with her. Reena’s age was 33. And also she was having an awesome figure. Myself Shubham, staying in Vadodra for my studies. In the rented house the first time when I saw Reena she was like goddess means to touch her we must wash our hands with soap. From that time I had a crush on her.

Reena and her husband were couples and they were owners of the house. During giving rent of my room Reena may be the one who receives it sometimes it failed and sometimes it was successful while giving the rent I would touch her hand it was an awesome experience.

One day I ranged the doorbell to give rent and to my surprise, it was Reena who came in a towel to receive it and suddenly while counting money her towel dropped down. My little one saw it and stood at a 90-degree angle. She noticed the little one’s erection. I controlled myself and then I went to my room so that I can give some work to my right hand( obviously to masturbate after seeing her nude totally that day I masturbated 6 times).

Then after 2 days when I was getting ready for my college, my room’s doorbell rang. I was thinking that I didn’t invite anyone to my room then who is ringing my room’s bell. Then I went and opened my room door and to my surprise, it was Reena( actually I was surprised to see her because she didn’t come to my room before).

She pushed me aside and came in again I was surprised by her behaviour and then she told me to close the room door and after that, she told me to sit on a chair and she gave me 5k( which was my room rent). I asked her for what reason she gave me 5k. She looked at me and smiled and after a few minutes, she said that she had a deal for me.

I asked her what’s the deal and so on because her behaviour was out of my syllabus She then slowly got up and sat on my tighs. My mouth was open she told me to relax and then she told this sentence with a light voice i.e ” comfort me on the bed and I will not ask you rent henceforth” In my mind ( I thanked God for such a gift he had given me).

Then immediately I didn’t waste time I held her hair with my hand brought her lips to mine then smoothed her for 15min. Continuously I erased her red lipstick with my lips then we both got up she removed my shirt and she was impressed to see my hair on my chest and we again started to kiss then I went around her neck and kissed each and every part also licked it also I bite her then slowly I put my hand on her blouse and pressed her boobs I again was surprised to feel her boobs smooth then I asked her the reason as to why her boobs are so smooth She told me that it was not used correctly by her hubby And then the real game started by both of us.

I removed her blouse and also removed her boobs from her black bra and started sucking it and biting it. She started moaning and I felt like a bull. Then kissed her stomach and then finally I removed her saree and Langa. Now she was in black panty and I removed that also then I lifted her or my bedroom and put her on my bed.

She spread her legs and my mouth was full of water after seeing her clean shaved pink pussy. Immediately I started licking it. She again started moaning heavily – Suck it, suck it, suck it till 15min. It was full of water. Then I kissed her lips and told her it was her turn to meet her friend.

Then with her delicate hands, she removed my pant and kissed my dick on underwear and removed it. She kissed on the dick-head and stated sucking it like a lollipop. She also licked and swallowed my balls like a hungry girl. She made it full strength and lied on the bed. I inserted my cock into her pussy.

She moaned “ahhhhhh”.

I inserted it to full depth and started my exercise for 5min. And then I told her to suck my cock and then I turned her to have doggy style fuck. I fucked her for 2 min in the doggy style and took my dick out of her pussy and put it in her mouth and told her to suck my cock as I was about to cum>

Finally, I cummed in her mouth and she swallowed it all. I smooched her and asked her to say the taste of my cum.

Her answer was ” bit salty but I liked it”

And then we slept on naked as we were tired and then after some hours she again started to suck my dick and as it got erected and I pushed her and fucked her with my full strength for about 15min in the doggy style and finally came in her pussy. After some time she told me to go to the bathroom so that we can have a naked bath. We had another session there and we both came out of the bathroom.

she started to get dressed up and I was helping her too.

Then the next day she came to my room showed me the bite marks on her body I told her that am sorry for it. She just kissed me. From then onwards we started to have sex almost regularly. After some time she got my baby and we are still in a relationship…..

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